We are a UK based company offering de-burring services for rubber, plastic and non-ferrous metal. In order to successfully use cryogenic process technology, it is important that the optimal application-specific parameter settings of the deburring system are determined. When it comes to this requirement, we support our customers at all times and help to ensure that we can even make short-term solutions with sample and/or pre-series components that are suitable for acceptance possible in the case of new deburring components. With our many decades of expertise, we are able to help you with all questions and problems concerning application technology in and around the deburring process that is optimal for meeting your needs and requirements at any time. Hand trimming is time consuming and expensive, quality cannot always be maintained. Cryogenic de-flashing guarantees a precise, even and clean finish that can be reproduced time after time. It also results in no changes to the colour, shape, surface or material characteristics of the components whatsoever with 100% reliability. We are able to carry out cryogenic de-flashing at temperatures between – 20 and -150 degrees C. Our processes are particularly suitable for complex and delicate shapes, even in the case of undercuts! The materials that can be processed range from rubber/elastomers/silicone – NF-metals and right through to highly filled engineering plastics. ECO UK offers training sessions on the use of the process and the operation of systems for purposes such as introducing employees to de-burring, de-flashing systems, instructing operating staff or increasing efficiency. If you are impressed with the results of the de-flashing we offer we can supply you with the latest machines from MEWO GmbH for your own use. If your present production does not justify a de-flashing machine of your own ECO UK SERVICES LTD can offer a de-flashing service for you.